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Vintage Tattoos is located at 195 Archimedes St.

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia (Canada)


We are a tradition style tattoo shop offering thousands of flash designs from artists all over the world. We also offer custom tattoo design, working with our clients ideas - striving to create the right piece. We also can renew, redo or cover up poorly done tattoos. 


Drop by the shop or call to make an appointment. 


Hours Open Tuesday - Saturday  11 - 6

Our Story 

Vintage Tattoos is owned and operated by artist Brian MacKenzie. Tattooing professionally since 2006 following a traditional apprenticeship under Sailor Jerry Swallow. He is a traditional tattooer and enjoys the opportunity to tattoo his own designs, or flash off the  walls. He also respects the demand for custom design work, and he will work with you in the design process.


Brian is a versatile artist with an extensive portfolio of work and a solid reputation that speaks for itself. He is an artist in multiple mediums including wood carving, painting, sculpting and music.

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